Screw Barrel For Injection Molding Machine

 Screw Barrel Molding Machine
Machines are Manufacture & export of All Type of Plastics Machinery Screw Barrels & Dies and its related spare parts and components. We are leading manufacturer,  of Injection molding Machine in India. Twin Parallel screw, Twin Conical Screw, Single Screw, Single Barrels, Twin Hole Barrel [Rear Barrel], Twin Barrels , Twin Barrels , Spares of Injection Molding M/c, Screen changer, Grooved feed bush, Flat Die.
Machines. manufacture, Supplier, exporter of superior quality end caps, nozzle adopter and nozzle tips for both the end- user and OEM markets.
For Machines. we manufacture from dia 18 mm to dia 200 mm up to 5000 mm length. We also manufacture screws specially designed for PVC material. Bimetallic coating can be provided on injection molding
m/cs screw as per clients requirement to process engineering materials. Pvc pipe extrusion machine .


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